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The Citizen Engagement Activity is a 5-year commitment to foster a culture of activism that makes life in our neighborhoods and cities better, caring, and meaningful.

This initiative imagines a future built upon a civil society that brings fundamental change within our communities through bold activism, bottom-up representation, wide-spread cooperation, professional action, structural transparency, a transformative mobilization of resources, and a reencountered sense of solidarity with one another.

Building on the robust experience and knowledge of the most long-standing voices and leaders in the field of professional civil society support and institutional cooperation, the Citizen Engagement Activity is a serious commitment to elevate, democratize and safeguard the power of our communities to change and thrive. While setting up long-lasting coordination efforts, full-circle synergies and improving the capacities of those directly involved in activism, the Citizen Engagement Activity will bring forward a great number of actions grounded on three essential pillars: community, trust and resource mobilization.

The Citizen Engagement Activity in Kosovo is implemented by the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation in Kosovo (KCSF) in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). CiviKos Platform is a partner of KCSF in implementing this program.