CiviKos Platform is an initiative of civil society organizations in Kosovo, established to create and promote an enabling environment for the cooperation of the formal civil society sector and state institutions of Kosovo.

Continuously growing and currently with 301 member organizations of civil society, CiviKos Platform is committed to deepening cooperation between member organizations, as well as public authorities and other relevant stakeholders in the development of civil society in Kosovo. Hence, CiviKos is well-positioned to promote the partnership principles and exert the necessary pressure on the government and other public institutions in applying the principles of coordination, cooperation, and partnership.

CiviKos Platform serves as a connecting bridge between the government and the civil society since it is the main receiving body for the draft rules, regulations, and laws, which then are distributed to the member organization for public consulting. CiviKos is registered as an association. 

The top five main donors of CiviKos are USAID in Kosovo, European Union Office in Kosovo, Swedish Government, Dutch Embassy in Kosovo, and Swiss and Danish Embassies. CiviKos is a key partner in setting the standards for public consultations and implementing the Government Strategies for Cooperation with Civil Society (the most recent one: 2019-2023). In 2018, CiviKos successfully implemented a project supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Kosovo, focusing specifically on strengthening civil society organizations to participate effectively in decision-making processes. In 2019, through the support of the Swiss and Danish Embassy, CiviKos Platform carried out a project specifically promoting the dialogue between civil society and government at the central and local levels. Moreover, CiviKos has also implemented projects financed by USAID to support grassroots CSOs in monitoring public procurement at the local level and exposing corruption, whereas the project financed by the Swedish Government supported local level organizations in promoting human rights and creating advocacy strategies. Currently, CiviKos is implementing the one-year project financed by Balkan Trust Fund for Democracy and funded by USAID to support the Council for cooperation between civil society and the government to improve the legislation on contracting services for CSOs in Kosovo. Thus, the cooperation between civil society and public authorities, the raising of awareness and betterment of human rights compliance, implementation of public consultations and access to public documents principles, and establishment of tools, platforms, and dialogues to facilitate improvements in the public concerning areas are all CiviKos’ expertise, which this project also sets on.