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Project Objectives Raising awareness and increasing capacities of CSOs to work with the authorities on AML/FT law, and bank de-risking policies

Donors: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and European Centre for Non-Profit Law Project

Activities: One multistakeholder meeting was held in November 2021 with Central Bank, Bank Association and CSO-s to discuss challenges that CSO-s are facing with private banks. This activity was held in close coordination with KCSF.

CiviKos facilitated participation of civil society organisation in drafting the Administrative Instruction on Beneficiary Ownership. The inputs were provided by KCSF with participation of other CSOs – Kosovo Law Institute provided inputs for the legal framework.

Upcoming activities: One opinion piece OP-ED will be published on Beneficiary ownership and CSO-s. KCSF and KLI have been reached out for this activity to date.

The project was until 30 November 2021.