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Tomorrow, on 22/05/2015, the Secretariat of the Platform CiviKos organizes the meeting of the fourth working group which is expected to present the objectives of the meeting, the participants and coordinator of the Council’s working groups on the implementation of the Strategy. Moreover, it will present the objectives about Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2013-2017 and the Council on the implementation of the Government Strategy, what is he, his role, and members of the Council.


Veton Mujaj, NGO Eye of Vision, Fourth Team Coordinator within the Council on the implementation of the Strategy will discuss the strategic objective 4 of the Governmental Strategy for Cooperation with Civic Society: Promoting an integrated approach to the development of volunteering as well as the Work Plan of the Council for 2015; The role of the working group’s CiviKos in relation to the Council and representatives of NGOs in the Council,
Another goal of the meeting is the selection of the coordinator of the working group, and will be group work on preparing the Programme Document for the Advocacy implementation under the Rules of Procedure for the Application Activities of CiviKos Platform.