In spring 2007, when local institutions in Kosovo had already undertaken most of the competences, and civil society had become an important actor on building democracy in Kosovo, several CSOs together with the Prime Minister's office initiated a process of building an institutional way of cooperation between the two sectors.

With consolidation of the Secretariat of CiviKos in January 2012, in collaboration with CiviKos Platform and Office for Good Governance / Office of the Prime Minister, supported the process of drafting the Government Strategy for Cooperation with civil society, which was approved in July 2013. This strategy also opened avenues for establishing formal cooperation between the Government and civil society. Also, mechanisms have been created to overview the Government Strategy for Cooperation with civil society composed by government and civil society. Council on the implementation of the Government Strategy was established in October 2014 and has created a work plan for 2015 based on the four strategic objectives of the Government Strategy for Cooperation with civil society.

Besides participating in the Council for the implementation of Government Strategy and four work teams within the Council, CiviKos Platform has created four working groups CiviKos Platform, formed on the basis of the Rules of Procedure for the Implementation of Activities of the CiviKos Platform. Chapter III . - Implementation of advocacy for members / Articles 8-13 and in line with the strategic objectives of the government strategy for cooperation with civil society which will help in the process of monitoring the work of the Council and the Strategy implementation.

CiviKos Platform currently has a membership of 207 organizations of which is constantly growing. CiviKos also has well established Rules of Procedure for the for the implementation of activities, CiviKos Strategy, Code of Conduct, and other documents that are relevant to the mission and work of the Platform.