Reshaping of Civil Society in Kosovo as consequence of COVID-19 pandemic

This project is funded by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS).

The main objectives of this project are the following:

Monitor and observe all government decisions and measures that directly or indirectly affect the operations of civil society in Kosovo.

Increase the pressure for transparency and accountability even in decisions that are taken with accelerated procedure.

Encouraging debate on the impact of pandemic and political crisis on the operations of the sector as well as the opportunities that civil society has to contribute to shaping the government's approach in these circumstances.

Promoting the work of the members of the CiviKos Platform in times of pandemic, with the main focus on local organizations that have less visibility at the central level and networking of member organizations operating in Pristina and on local level.

- The link between civil society organizations and the government, creating the opportunity to serve as a bridge between institutions and citizens. << Back