Meeting of the Council for the Implementation of the Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2013 - 2017

The next meeting of the Council on the implementation of the Strategy was held on April 21, 2015. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Fitim Krasniqi, Secretary General of OPM and Mrs. Valdete Idrizi, Executive Director of CiviKos Platform and Co-Chair of the Council.
During this meeting Mr. Habit Hajredini, Vice-Chair of the Council, presented the achievements and challenges in implementing the Work Plan of the Council by responsible institutions for 2015, respectively the first quarter. Also the coordinators of 4 working teams presented a summary of work for Working Teams.
Civil society participants arose certain requests addressed to the government for a greater commitment to the implementation of the activities envisaged in the strategy and to increase the number of actors who will contribute to achieving the goals of specific objectives, with particular emphasis on Strategic objective 2: System of contracting public services to civil society organizations.
At the conclusion of the meeting it was agreed that any issue that needs a greater commitment can be addressed to Mr. Fitim Krasniqi, Secretary General OPM, in order to find a solution more quickly and conveniently in coordination with other stakeholders and responsible institutions.


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