Information meetings for tracking mechanisms of governmental strategy for cooperation with civil society, 2013-2017

Last year the Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2013 – 2017 was approved. In order for this strategy to be as applicable, the tracking mechanisms for implementing this strategy should be provided, respectively the establishment of the Council for the Government Strategy. Work regulations (terms of reference) for the functioning of the council since 17.06.2014 are open for public consultation by the Office for Good Governance / Office of the Prime Minister until July 9.

In the following days also will be published the public invitation for civil society organizations to apply for membership in the Council. In order to be informed more by these terms of reference and on the structure and your commitment to this Council, CiviKos Platform invites you to attend informational meetings that will be held in Mitrovica 25.06.2014, 26.06.2014 Ferizaj, 27.06.2014 in Kline, 30.06.2014 in Prizren and 03.07.2014 in Pristina. These meetings are supported by TACSO - Office in Kosovo. If you have any additional questions, please contact or 038224904.

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