Call for expression of interests - Selection of 5 NGOs to serve as Regional Hubs for CiviKos Platform

Project Background

CiviKos Platform ( is an initiative of civil society organizations in Kosovo, established to create and promote an enabling environment for cooperation of formal civil society sector and state institutions of Kosovo. Continuously growing and currently with more than 150 members organizations of civil society, CiviKos Platform is committed to deepen cooperation between member organizations, as well as public authorities and other relevant stakeholders in the development of civil society in Kosovo.

CiviKos Platform is implementing a project “Working Together. Towards a productive working relation between civil society and the authorities in Kosovo”, an EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo, and co-financed by FES in Kosovo. The main objective of this project is to contribute to good governance, European integration, and a vibrant Civil Society in Kosovo through ensuring good cooperation between Civil Society and the authorities in Kosovo.

For the implementation of the activities of the project, particularly the activity related to the Information Services for Civil Society – Government Cooperation, CiviKos Platform would like to cooperate closely with its members throughout Kosovo.

CiviKos Platform will be establishing five regional hubs (Pejë/Peć, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Mitrovicë/Mitrovica, Prizren, Ferizaj/Uroševac) while CiviKos Secretariat will serve as a national hub in Prishtina/Priština. The national and regional hubs are information centres providing communication (feedback) and information (print, audio, video) on the overall civil participation process as well as on specific partnership, dialogue and consultation such as those led by CiviKos or by other CSOs that are supported by CiviKos Platform and in the same time working for better environment for formal cooperation between civil society and local government.

The engagement period of the selected NGOs will be for 6 months initially with the possibility of further extension.


Applying NGOs should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member organization of CiviKos Platform
  • Legally registered organisation
  • Proven administrative and management capacity to implement the activities
  • Previous experience in implementing activities in the field of advocacy, fundraising and information sharing
  • Adequate human resources capacities to implement the assigned tasks
  • Effective community outreach capacity
  • Commitment to work with CiviKos Platform


NGOs are requested to submit a short application (proposal for information services) with a concept note (maximum 2 pages) that should outline and describe the following four aspects:

1. The specific challenge or problem that the region would like to address through implementing information sharing platform to regional NGOs, including the extent of the need for action;

2. The vision and concept that the regional NGO has in mind for implementing this, including the concrete transformation changes envisaged for which it would like to receive strategic advice;

3. The expected added-value from the support services by the CiviKos Platform, including the need for advice, input, ideas, missing links and research questions to be answered for the implement the overall strategy;

4. The regional commitment and ambition to implement the approach and the policy recommendations of the CiviKos Platform for the better cooperation between civil society and the Government.

To apply please submit the following:

Proposal for Information Services (two page Word document) with Annexes:

1. NGO Registration Certificate

2. Bank Details of the NGO

3. Relevant references of similar projects implemented previously by the applicant NGO

4. Curriculum vitae for the proposed Regional Hub Coordinator

Rules of Application:

- The complete application should be submitted in electronic version

- Specify the region the NGO would like to work with

- Questions for clarification will be provided via e-mail only

- Applications missing required application timeframe and/or the required documentation will not be considered

- Applications can be submitted in Albanian, Serbian or English language

Completed applications must be submitted via e-mail to not later than 29 May 2015 at 12:00 local time.

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