The speech of Valdete Idrizi on receiving TheWIFTS Peace Award 2016

It is a great honor for me to be here today, amongst you amazing women from around the world to celebrate together this special event.

I feel immensly grateful to be the recipient of the prestigious award accorded by the great organisation WIFTS Foundation, the Peace Award. I feel my heart full of joy to receive this award because I deeply believe that understanding, communication, tolerance, love for one another can build the lasting peace we all so much dream for all our communities, no matter where we are.

When I got informed that I was going to receive this year’s Peace Award, I found myself thinking of all the people I have worked with over the years, without the support of whom, I would not be standing here today. Therefore, this award is as much theirs, as it is mine.

Their contributing to the lasting peace in my country is a huge one, and I know that each and every one of them could stand here today and be a recipient of this award.

I consider this special honor you have accorded to be, as well as a recognition to all the amazing and brave people of Kosovo who have gone through terrible hardships yet have found the strength to move on, to stand up, to rebuild, to believe in peace and who work everyday tirelessly, determined to make their young country a story of success, we can all be proud of.

It is in them that I found my courage and it is in them that I find inspiration.

Our work for strengthening peace and ethnic reconciliation is far from over, but what we have been able to accomplish together has made a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of people.

Our mission is still not over, yet we are more than ever determined to keep our sleeves up and continue this journey with more dedication than ever. Thousands of women who were raped and sexually abused during the war are still waiting for justice; we will leave no stone unturned until we achieve accountability for these terrible war crimes.

Our path is still long, yet we have no intention of stopping because there is so much hope. I see it in the courage and in energy of the bright young women who are playing their utmost role to building peace in our country, by extending the hand of reconciliation, holding the promise of a lasting peace, in a region still torn by the horrible consequences of war.

Dear ladies, dear friends,

We are everyday surrounded by injustices all across the world; we are all witness of the long wave of refugees who are fleeing their homes, leaving everything behind, to escape from war. I understand how they feel, I understand how much they want to go back to their homes and foremost I understand how much it is important to work together, to come together and make the world a better place for everyone, and make peace our lasting goal.

Together we can make it happen, by working and supporting one another. Especially us, women who represent half of the world’s population, we must support each other, we must work together, it is the only way how we can make our voice heard and guarantee that we build a world in peace, we have no other alternative.

And lastly but definitely not the least, I want to dedicate this award to my family, to my mother. It's because of her faith in me that I'm up here today accepting one of my most valuable awards.

Thank you my dear friends for your support, I will always remain grateful for this honor.

Thank you so much!

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