Takimi i Bordit të Platformës Civikos

The meeting of the CiviKos Platform board
On 08.10.2013, starting from 10:00 was held the 6th meeting of CiviKos Platform board. In the meeting were: Taulant Hoxha (KCSF), Valbona Salihu (Norma), Petrit Tahiri( KEC), Sihana Xhaferi (KFOS), Veton Mujaj (Syri i Vizionit), Valdete Idrizi (CiviKos) as well as 2 members of the secretariat of CiviKos Platform: Mimoza Murati and Dardan Kryeziu.
During this meeting were discussed about internal issues of work adjustment  at CiviKos Platform. Furthermore it was discussed about project progress \"Working together. Towards a productive working relation between Civil Society and the authorities in Kosovo. Part 1 – The Government\", project funded by the EU and co-funded by KFOS based on the study contracted by KCSF. The project even received new recommendations from the board about the progress.

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