Counting of votes to select two representatives of civil society in the Council for the implementation of the Government Strategy for Cooperation with civil society

CiviKos Platform Secretariat, as carrier of the process of organizing elections for two new members of the civil society in the Council, in presence of the observers present on 06/10/2015 at the offices of CiviKos organized the counting of votes for two new representatives of civil society in the Council.

In order for the counting process to be transparent, CiviKos invited as observers representatives of  CSOs, media representatives, various associations and networks operating in Kosovo and representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister / Office for Good Governance, and the Office for Registration of NGOs in Kosovo. To this call for observers responded only Trendelina Dreshaj from OPM / OGG.

After the verification of voters, all the votes were counted, which were in total 36 votes, 34 of them valid and 2 not valid.

After the counting, two new members who had the highest number of votes were selected: Sanija Murati from NVO Lady and Shemsi Jashari from Inicijativa per Ide dhe Alternativa.

All interested who will like to verify the full dossier of the elections can do so by 09.10.2015, requesting information at or 038 224 904

Number of votes for each candidate for the Council is as follows:

1.Agon Nixha - RIINVEST    (4)
2.Albert Heta - Stacion – Qendra për Art Bashkëkohor (3)
3.Arton Demhasaj - Organizata Çohu! (7)
4.Dusan Radakovic - Centar za Zastupanje Demokratske Kulture - ACDC (2)
5.Rukije Gashi - Shoqata Kosovare e të Shurdhërve (4)
6.Sanija Murati - NVO Lady (14)
7.Shaqir Haxhaj - KAPAK    (1)
8.Shemsi Jashari - Iniciativa për Ide dhe Alternativa - IIA (8)
9.Vjollca Çavolli - STIKK (3)

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