Mobilization of civil society to address issues of concern to the Council on the implementation of the Government Strategy for Cooperation with civil society 2013-2017

On 9th of July 2015, CiviKos Platform held information session for representatives of civil society in the Council and members of the CiviKos Platform working groups. The meeting was held at the EU Information and Cultural Centre in Prishtina. The session was aimed at building a common understanding on the role and responsibilities of CSO representatives in the Council; mechanisms and other forms of communication between representatives of CSOs and CSO sector.

The meeting was attended by civil society members in the Council on the implementation of the Governmental Strategy for 2013-2017 cooperation with civil society and members of the working groups CiviKos Platform. It was discussed about mobilizing and finding proper ways to provide better advocacy for issues of interest to civil society and representation in the Council.

Session information is supported by the EU Office in Kosovo within the project Working together - towards a productive working relationship between civil society and the authorities in Kosovo and co-financed by FES Office in Kosovo.


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