Civil society in the process of selecting the member in the Committee on State Aid

At the request of the Ministry of Finance, CiviKos Platform Secretariat will facilitate the selection of a member of civil society in the Commission on State aid, based on the Rules of Procedure of CiviKos.

The State Aid Commission will have to be composed by five members: the Minister of Finance, Chairman; Minister for European Integration; Minister of Trade and Industry, Chairman of the Association of Municipalities, and a member from Civil Society.

Civil society representative will be elected by civil society organizations through a transparent and democratic process, where all organizations will have the opportunity to nominate their representatives and by voting to choose the person who will represent them in the committee.

CiviKos Platform invites all active civil society organizations in Kosovo to nominate their representatives. The invitation is open to all registered CSOs and CSO networks in Kosovo, regardless of membership in the CiviKos Platform.

The rights to nominate their candidates have all CSOs that are registered under the Law on Freedom of Association in NGOs or CSOs network in Kosovo that exist at least during the last 3 years.

All nomination and selection procedure is managed by the Secretariat of the Platform CiviKos through nomination forms and forms for voting, clearly defining all the required conditions and the additional documents.

All CSOs that nominate their candidates are obliged that during the period from 23.06.2015-01.07.2015 to submit candidate’s Nomination Form, together with a CV of the nominee and the certificate of registration of NGOs, and sent by email at, or by mail, or directly to our office,CiviKos Platform ,Bedri Pejani str. 7 / A 10000, Prishtina, Republic of Kosova.

Application form, Rules of Procedure and open call announcement can be found on the website of Ministry of Finance and our website (

After closing of nominations and reviews of applications will be open the voting process where all registered CSOs in Kosovo will be able to vote for the candidate to represent the committee.

To supervise the counting of votes, CiviKos Platform will invite as observers all CSOs that have made the nominations, active networks of civil society, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and other concerned parties.


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