Civil society concerns addressed in the meeting of the line ministries secretaries

Today, on June 16, 2015, the Leader of the Platform CiviKos, Valdete Idrizi, also the co-chair of the Council for the implementation of the Governmental Strategy for 2013-2017 for civil society, was the special guest at the regular meeting of the Secretaries of the line ministries.
After the introductory words of the Secretary General of the Government, Mr. Fitim Krasniqi, who is also the chairman of the Council for the implementation of the Strategy, the word was given to Mrs. Idrizi who stated that despite other Strategies that line ministries have, governmental strategy for cooperation with civil society is one of the most important and comprehensive strategy which will regulate many issues of civil society.
Key concerns that Mrs. Idrizi raised had to do with a lack of transparency and lack of coordination between ministry officials and their representatives on the Council. Mrs. Idrizi also requested that secretaries should make sure that their actions do not clash with the principles of cooperation which is agreed between government and representatives of civil society, but to be more open to cooperation and giving information, whether in connection with the provision of services by CSOs, or on the publication of information about public funding for CSOs for establishing criteria  and respect of those criteria, and also the inclusion of the recommendations of the Council in their work in relation to the civil society sector.
Mrs. Idrizi also told that there has been progress so far, some ministries such as Ministry of Finance, are open to representatives of civil society, for working groups about certain laws, in the selection of civil society representatives. There is progress in some areas of the Strategy but still there is much to do, and for this we should all work together and with mutual respect.
At the end of the meeting Idrizi, thanked Mr. Krasniqi for the opportunity to communicate directly with the secretaries in order to implement the strategy with a greater precision because it has already started late.
Meanwhile, Mr. Krasniqi pledged that the concerns of civil society, in this case presented by Mrs. Idrizi, will be considered, and pledged that in each case there is negligence or irresponsibility on the part of the secretaries or the line ministry employees, actions will be taken because everyone must have a name and surname even those who work well, or those who do not work well.

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