Workshop on implementation and monitoring of Government Strategy for Cooperation with civil society 2013-2017 and Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy 2013-2015

CiviKos Platform in cooperation with the Office for Good Governance / Office of the Prime Minister (OGG / OPM) is organizing a workshop on best practices in the implementation of Government Strategy and Action Plan for cooperation with civil society 2013-2017.
The purpose of this workshop is that through practices of Republic of Croatia to see positive and negative experiences in developing and implementing the Government Strategy in Kosovo. Through experts from Croatia, are expected to be considered the good practices how they have managed the process of monitoring the implementation of the Strategy in the Republic of Croatia for the period 2012 -2016, what was and what is the role of the Council for the Development of civil society in monitoring the implementation, and other issues related to the process of cooperation with civil society.
The workshop will be held on 11th and 12th of June and is organized only for members of the council. This workshop is supported by the project "Working together. Towards a productive working relationship between civil society and the authorities in Kosovo, Phase II", an EU-funded project managed by European Union Office in Kosovo and co-financed by FES Office in Kosovo.

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